Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing in Nova Scotia

If you are ready to experience sport fishing at its best, Blue Fin Tuna fishing is for you!

These monsters of the sea can average over 700 pounds, and can reach speeds of over 60 mph, a true test for any fisherman looking for a fight.

The all-tackle world record for Bluefin Tuna weighed in at 1,496¬†was was caught by Ken Fraser in the same waters you have the opportunity to fish…which means you have a chance to catch a world record Bluefin Tuna.

Last season we had clients come from all over the world to fish Giant Bluefin Tuna with us including: Florida, Texas, Connecticut, Maine, California, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Denmark. They all came to Nova Scotia to catch one of the largest sport fish in the world!

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